Simpltek offers simple, advanced biological water tests, indoor air quality tests (IAQ), food tests, soil tests, dry surface tests and a variety of chemical water tests
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Testing Is This Easy

Accurate, High Quality Water Testers

Consumer Water Test Kits
Bacterial tests: water test, indoor air quality test, food test and soil test
Chemical water test kits
For homeowners, students, travelers
Well and Tap water test kits
Drinking, surface and ground waters
Self-contained, single-use tests

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Professional Water Test Kits
Bacteria water test
indoor air quality test, food test and soil test
Chemical water test kits
For business, government, professionals
Well water test kits
Tap, surface, ground, cooling and waste waters
Complete kits for multiple testing
Optional Autoanalyzer with test result readout

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Water Testing Made Simple: Fill, Snap, Observe Color

Biological and Chemical Water Test Kits
Simple and Accurate Do-It-Yourself Safe Water Solution
Unique, sterile, vacuum sealed self-filling ampoule with pre-measured, premixed reagents - no more clumsy Petri dishes, no agar paddles, no cheap plastic bottles, no handling chemicals or media broth, no contamination of test sample.
Easiest to use - just sample and snap.
Fastest results - in hours, not days or weeks.
Easy to understand results - just observe a color change for presence/absence. Observe color change over time to obtain quantitative measurements. No counting hard-to-see slow growing colonies.

Extremely accurate - within 99% correlation to a standard laboratory plate count.
No false positives.
Retains sample - refrigerating sample stops test. If tests shows positive, ampoule can be sent to a lab for further testing.
Rugged design - great for field testing. Ampoule not storage sensitive and has 4+ years shelf life.
EPA approved test methods, ASTM approved..

Great Reasons to use Simpltek test kits for Bacterial and Chemical Testing

Biological test kits

  • Only test that measures LOG-Phase growth only (active bacteria).
  • The Total Microbe, Coliform and E-Coli tests are true broth cultures.
  • Tests are simple to use - no errors using calibrated loops.
  • Superior sample size - 7,000 times larger than a 1 ml calibrated loop.
  • Greater accuracy than an agar plate, dipstick or test strip.
  • Result in less than 24 hours - positives could show in 4 hours.
  • Great for contamination-free field testing (rugged design).
  • Presence/absence test or quantitative measurement by monitoring color change over time.
  • Indoor air quality test, dry surface test.
  • Food and food handling test, soil test.

Chemical test kits

  • Ammonia Nitrogen, Chlorine, Hardness Level, Iron, Phosphate, Zinc and Nitrate/Nitrite tests.
  • Ampoules provide a superior sample size.
  • Ideal for contamination-free field testing.
  • Quick results - results in 2-10 minutes depending on the test.
  • Colormetric - match ampoule color to color results chart.

Products overview

All our testers are based on a patented self-filling sterile glass ampoule that contains pre-measured, pre-mixed reagents to test for microbial or chemical presence/absence and measurement. The testers provide rapid results (biological testers in as little as 2 hours, though normally 12-24 hours and chemical testers in minutes) and are extremely accurate, with microbial tests having a 97-99% correlation to standard laboratory tests, depending on which test. The testers are field hardy, have a shelf-life of 4+ years and require no special storage or shipment considerations.

The Micro Inspector product line consists of individual single-use testers marketed to the consumer/homeowner. The product line is divided into microbial and chemical water analysis.

The Micro Tester Pro product line, designed for people conducting multiple tests, consists of kits, with 30 or 8 tests to a kit. These kits are marketed to environmental professionals, corporations, governments, water utilities, and educational facilities.

We offer three biological tests: Coliform, E-coli and one non-specific, Total Microbe. The major benefit of our Total Microbe test is that it indicates the presence/absence and activity count of any/all aerobic and facultative bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi. If you test for a specific bacteria you may get a negative result but another pathogen may be present that a total microbe test would react to. These testers are used to test drinking, surface, ground and waste waters in a variety of settings in the field or in the laboratory. Used in conjunction with sampler kits, the microbial testers can be used to test for bacteria on surfaces. This market includes the food tests (for specific bacteria or a total microbial screen test) for food processing industry and indoor air quality testing (air duct and air filter testing). Soil & Objects sampler kits are also available.

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