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why test water

Why Water Test Is So Important?



There are a variety of bacteria, which can cause immediate illness when ingested from contaminated drinking water. These illnesses can range from mild to moderate cases lasting only a few days, to more severe situations that can last for weeks or even result in death for those with weak immune systems (most notably the very young and the very old). Those who rely on a public water supply system which is tested regularly must still be concerned about what happens to their water after it is tested and must make its way to their home and through their home piping system. Home owners with their own wells are solely responsible for the quality and safety of their water and must do a water test at least twice a year. Travelers to foreign countries often experience problems with drinking water (“Montezuma’s Revenge”) and hikers and campers should be concerned about natural waters. Even boaters and RVers should periodically check their water supply systems for contamination.