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Where To Test

Where To Test? …in and around the home



Each home is a unique, dynamic environment. Microbial concentrations are greatly determined by the inhabitants and their habits. Generally, when homes are sealed up because of heating and/or cooling, they are more prone to microbial contamination problems. Places like heating/AC ducts and air filters become areas of microbial concentration. Water supplies can become contaminated, especially well water. Additionally, water filters can readily become hot beds of microbial growth. Human eating and hygiene habits can promote microbial growth, so the kitchen and bathrooms can develop high microbial concentrations. The following is a list of suggested places to test in and around the house:


  • » Drinking water


  • » Shower/washing water (chemical presence)


  • » Heating/AC ducts


  • » Air and water filters


  • » Food


  • » Kitchen sinks, counters and food prep areas


  • » Bathroom surfaces


  • » Small child play areas and toys


  • » Pet areas


  • » Entrance areas from grass or soil areas


  • » Hobby areas: fish tanks, birdcages, etc.


  • » Areas where people have been sick


  • » Bedding and bedding storage areas


  • » Suspicious food, caught and/or killed food: deer, fish, etc.


  • » Boat/RV drinking water, bilges, fuel lines


  • » Gardens


  • » Travel: hotel drinking water safety, room cleanliness, campers, hikers, and hunters