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Food Test

Food Quality Test


The information on this page is primarily for the benefit of businesses in the food industry that need to comply to HACCP standards or choose to meet their own internal testing standards. Our testers provide an inexpensive monitoring system to confirm that environmental controls are effective in maintaining a plant that minimizes the hazards of microbial pathogens. These tests, in the Micro Inspector format, are also useful for testing food handling areas in the home.









Tests for specific bacteria or a total microbial screen test


All our tests indicate both presence/absence and quantitative bacterial amounts measured in cfu’s. We offer specific tests for Coliform and E-coli. In addition, we offer a unique Total Microbe Test which is an “all-purpose” microbial test that indicates any/all aerobic and facultative bacteria, yeast and fungi. Used as a general bacterial screen, this heterotrophic test will indicate the presence of Coliform, E-coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Clostridium, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus, Yersinia and others, non-specifically.


Two Ways to Sample


Most regulations require surface samples taken where food is handled. We offer a Dry Surface Sample Kit that provides 1 Zip Lock Bag with Sterile Wiping Sponge, 1 Sterile Glove and 1 Rinse Solution Container (provided solution container to be used also as a sample cup), that allows you to quickly and easily obtain a surface sample. Also available for those who want to test an actual food sample is a Food/Object Sample Kit that provides a 1 Sterile Zip Lock Bag, 1 Sterile Glove and 1 Rinse Solution Container (provided solution container to be used also as a sample cup), that allows you to sample a piece of food directly.


Total Microbe in Food Test Dry Surface Sample Kit

How It Works – Product Instruction

Food test - Food/Object Sampler Kit Food/Object Sampler Kit

How It Works – Product Instruction


Rapid, Accurate


Our bacteria tests provide rapid results, showing high levels of concentrations in as little as 2-4 hours. The test runs it’s course in 24 hours. Accuracy is within 99% correlation with a standard laboratory plate count.




Our unique, vacuum sealed self-filling glass ampoule contains pre-measured, pre-mixed biochemical reagents. Simply place the ampoule, tip down, into the filled sample cup and push to break the ampoule tip. The ampoule automatically fills. Observe for a color change or place the ampoule in our Autoanalyzer instrument and get results read out on it’s LCD display.


Why Businesses Prefer Our Testers


Our testers require no special handling or storage considerations. They have a 4+ years shelf-life so there is no unusable inventory or money wasted with expired, melted or dehydrated testers. Our testers show no false positives and provide confirmable results: each ampoule retains a 7.5ml sample that can be refrigerated (to stop the test) and brought to a laboratory for further analysis or certification.



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