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A Letter from a 6th Grade student about her science project using a Simpltek E-Coli water testing kit



Subject: I used your E-Coli test kits

Hello Mr. ——-,

My mother sent an email to you a couple of months ago because I needed some test kits for my science project and because she is unemployed we have to becareful with money.

You were very nice to my mom and sold them to her at a discount. I wanted to say thank you because your test kits helped me win first place. 🙂

It was fun doing the project and using the test kits was the best part (next to my blue ribbon). I am sending you a picture of my presentation board with the blue ribbon on it.

My mom got really excited and started to cry because she is working really hard to get me into our magnet high school (it has marine biology curiculum).

I smiled until my cheeks hurt! 🙂

Thank you!

Suzan Lopez

6th Grade, Holy Trinity School.