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Why Tests Are So Important?


“It’s not a question of if you should test, it’s a matter of how often.”


Our bodies are designed to handle and even host low levels of bacteria and chemical substances. We are not designed to handle viruses, toxic bacteria and harmful chemicals. Bacteria in drinking water, indoor air, food and household surfaces cannot be seen, tasted or even smelled. Pathogenic microorganisms can cause serious health problems such as gastrointestinal disorders, typhoid, cholera, dysentery and hepatitis.


Other than having a trained laboratory technician come into your home to collect samples and then provide results a week or two later at a cost of $125-$300, there has been no reliable method to detect when a problem exists and if treatment is required for the prevention of microbial-caused disease.


These barriers have now been overcome. The Micro Inspector and Micro Tester Pro (cost effective on cost per test basis) test kits are simple to use, provide same day easy-to-read results (biological tests – less than 24 hours, shows major problems in 2-4 hours and chemical tests – in 2-10 minutes), and are available at a fraction of laboratory costs.