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Micro Inspector

Micro Inspector

The Micro Inspector water test kits

Consumer Line


The Micro Inspector DIY water analysis test comes in a unique, sterile, vacuum sealed self-filling glass ampoule. Each kit comes complete and ready to perform water testing. The Micro Inspector is ideal for inexperienced operators and for field or home water test.



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Biologic Water Testers


A multipurpose microbial analyzer that indicates presence/absence and activity of any/all aerobic and facultative bacteria, fungi and yeast. It will show the presence of Coliform, E-coli, Campylobacter, Listeria and others, non-specifically.


Coliform is an EPA Primary Regulation for drinking water. The presence of Coliform bacteria suggests that other bacteria, perhaps pathogens, may be present.


A bacteria that can cause mild to extreme illness, E-coli is a type of Fecal Coliform. This test requires the use of UV (black) light to observe results.


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Chemical Water Testers


High ammonia levels are toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. Municipal water supplies sometimes have high levels of ammonia when it is to help control bacteria.


An EPA Primary Regulation, Chlorine is toxic and is used as a disinfectant for bacteria in water.


Hard water contributes to scale formation and excessive soap consumption.


An EPA Secondary Regulation, the Iron recommended limit is based on taste and appearance (staining) rather than a health hazard. Shallow wells are prone to iron problems.


Phosphates serve as a nutrient for algae and high levels are responsible for “Blooms” that clog outdoor streams and indoor plumbing.


An EPA Secondary Regulation, high Zinc levels can cause health problems, especially to new and unborn children. Found in fertilizers, wastewater effluents and household plumbing.


Lead is a toxic material that is harmful to humans. It can enter the drinking water when pipes that contain lead corrode.


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Using as a DIY Sampler:

If the Micro Inspector is kept at a cool temperature, biological growth will be delayed until the water sample is brought to a proper incubation temperature. This feature can be used in the field to take a sample at a site and perform analysis later at another location. Also, if a positive result is observed, the water sample can be refrigerated and sent to a lab for further water analysis, biological or chemical.


Test Kit Contents: 1 Self-Contained Test

Test Shelf Life: 4+ Years

Test Sample Retains: 7.5 ml