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Micro Tester Pro

Micro Tester Pro

Micro Tester Pro - water test kitsProfessional Line


Micro Tester Pro DIY water testing kits come complete to run 8 or 30 tests. They are based on our unique sterile, vacuumed sealed self-filling glass ampoule with pre-measured, pre-mixed reagents. The biological tests measure both presence/absence and microbial activity by observing ampoule color changes over time. These tests will show high microbial levels in as little as 4 hours and run their course in 24 hours. Test results can be automated by utilizing our Incubator/Autoanalyzer instrument which offers incubation control, determination of end of test, and CFU count LED display. Chemical tests offer results in 2-10 minutes, depending on the test.


Biologic Water Testers


» Total Microbial Water Test Kits

A multipurpose microbial test that indicates presence/absence and activity of any/all aerobic and facultative bacteria, fungi and yeast. This test will show the presence of Coliform, E-coli, Campylobacter, Listeria and others, non-specifically.


» Coliform Water Test Kits

Coliform is an EPA Primary Regulation for drinking water. The presence of Coliform bacteria suggests that other bacteria, perhaps pathogens, may be present.


» E-Coli Water Test Kits

A bacteria that can cause mild to extreme illness, E-coli is a type of Fecal Coliform. This water test requires the use of UV (black) light to observe results.


» Autoanalyzer – QC Bacteria Growth Analysis System

Micro Tester Pro – water testing kits can be automated when used in conjunction with our Autoanalyzer – QC Bacteria Growth Analysis System. The QC Bacteria Growth Analysis System offers: Dual channel digital outputs for each test reading (microbial respiration and cell mass) which eliminate chemical false positives. Eliminates traditional times for test incubation.


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Chemical Water Testers


» Ammonia Nitrogen Water Test

High ammonia levels are toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. Municipal water supplies sometimes have high levels of ammonia when it is to help control bacteria.


» Chlorine DPD Water Test

An EPA Primary Regulation, Chlorine is toxic and is used as a disinfectant for bacteria in water.


» Hardness Level Water Test

Hard water contributes to scale formation and excessive soap consumption.


» Iron Water Test

An EPA Secondary Regulation, the Iron recommended limit is based on taste and appearance (staining) rather than a health hazard. Shallow wells are prone to iron problems.


» Phosphate (ortho) – WR Water Test

Phosphates serve as a nutrient for algae and high levels are responsible for “Blooms” that clog outdoor streams and indoor plumbing.


» Zinc Water Test

An EPA Secondary Regulation, high Zinc levels can cause health problems, especially to new and unborn children. Found in fertilizers, wastewater effluents and household plumbing.


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Using as a DIY Water Testing Sampler:

If the Micro Tester Pro is kept at a cool temperature, biological growth will be delayed until the water sample is brought to a proper incubation temperature. This feature can be used in the field to take a test sample at a site and perform analysis later at another location. Also, if a positive result is observed, the water sample can be refrigerated and sent to a lab for further water analysis, biological or chemical.


Test Kit Contents: Each test kit comes in a box equipped for 8 or 30 stand-alone tests.

Test Shelf Life: 4+ Years

Test Sample Retains: 7.5 ml